Welcome to our blog at Route 32 Designs! Jake and I wanted to give you the chance to get to know us a bit more. 

We both graduated highs school in 2015 and immediatly attended the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Here is where Jake and I met Sophmore year in Chemistry class. Jake and I were both going for criminlistics, you know like Abby from NCIS. 

Math was not my strong subject, never has been, yet I thought I could take on Chemistry. That being said chemistry was not a great experience. However, shortly after I discovered my love for marketing, business, graphic design and all that came with it. I had always been a writer and marketing was the perfect other half to go with it. After two more years I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marketing & Sales Communications. 

Jake could do the number part of chemistry just fine, but the sitting at a desk analyzing things all day was not enough movement for him. He is very hands-on, which is why he loves being in the workshop cutting baords, frames, and what not! Shortly after Jake transfered to Southwest Technical College (20 minutes from Platteville), where he earned his degree as an Electrical-Mechanical Technician.

May of 2019, after 4 years in Platteville, switching majors, and even colleges we finished up and came back home to Green Bay, Wi. Now we are living close to both of our families again and it is amazing! 

In our free time we enjoy fishing together up north at Jake's cabin and on the Bay. We play a ton of cards and love to bake cookies together. In the summer we go to the Farmer's Markets, festivals, and on riverwalks constantly. 

Jake and I were pretty different people in High School. Even though Jake is a chatty kathy now, back then he was quiet. He was a big Lacrosse player and usually had a bunch of friends over to play video games, go fishing, and whatever else high school guys do. 

I am super quiet now, back in High School though I could have talked your ear off. I loved being in musicals, I played tennis, and I had my group of freinds and they were the best. 

We are very happy in our little apartment, running our handamde sign business that I have dreamed of for a while now, and I can't forget to mention we have two adorable cats, Watson and Sherlock. 

Thank you for reading, talk soon,

Danielle + Jake